With her role as a judge on the UK version of 'X Factor,' Kelly Rowland is also quite the star across the pond.

She graces the cover of the November issue of the British version of Cosmopolitan, wearing little more than black leather short shorts, a ruby red bra and a cropped black jacket with red piping. A metal necklace hangs from her neck and she's wearing her hair in her now-signature silky, shiny, stick straight locks with heavy bangs. It might be cold outside, but this cover generates more than enough heat. Ladies, you might find your boyfriend flipping through this issue and trust us, it's not for the articles. It's for the photos of K Row!

The feature story addresses the singer's troubled relationship with her father; her split with fiancé Roy Williams; her boob job; and her "sister" Beyonce.

However, while working in the UK, Rowland has developed a deep appreciation for British men, saying, "Oh, have you seen how cute they wear their pants [trousers]? All neat and tight. British men are so charming! I love the accent and how they open doors for you -- well at least the ones I’ve met so far do!”

The accents do it every time.