They say milk does a body good and by the looks of Kelly Rowland these days, she's drinking a lot of it! She's also the new face of a U.K. campaign titled 'Make Mine Milk.' Gwen Stefani was tweeting her thanks to her friends and colleagues who showed their support at her launch party for Harajuku Mini line for Target. Mark Hoppus wished his fellow Blink 182 band mate Travis Barker a happy birthday and Barker was tweeting his thanks for the kind words on his special day. Weird Al was trying to sweet talk his way out of speeding ticket and Nicole Scherzinger was looking for ways she could be a better mentor on 'X Factor.' Hayley Williams of Paramore was stressed out at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Lil Wayne tweeted his admiration for the University of Tennessee women's basketball coach, Pat Summit. See what your favorite stars were chirping about today!