Heads up for a potential tailspin, 'X Factor' fans! Rumor has it that Kelly Rowland and Nicole Scherzinger might be swapping places -- meaning countries -- soon.

The move is the mental brainchild of creator Simon Cowell, according to a source, as he allegedly feels that the former Destiny's Child songstress, who plays judge in the U.K., would be a better fit for the States, despite the fact that both pop star judges are American. "Simon thinks [Rowland] will be amazing on the U.S. show," the unnamed source claims, adding, that Scherzinger has gotten mixed reviews in her current North American position.

Maybe the Brits are bigger Pussycat Dolls fans? Realistically, the charts speak for themselves. Scherzinger's solo effort 'Killer Love' has soared overseas, while it hasn't even hit land in the U.S. yet. Rowland, on the other hand, has ties to Beyonce, and what more could anyone want? Well, for the U.K. fans, that's not nearly enough -- they want for her to be healthy, too. The Atlanta, Ga. native faced harsh lashings after she called in sick to the show, even though she had a doctor's note. Ouch.

Even if Rowland and Scherzinger will face the ol' swap-a-roo, one 'X Factor' spokesperson said that won't happen mid-season, explaining once and for all: "no decisions of cast changes will be made until the show ends next month." Guess we'll have to wait to see how this one plays out!