Kelly Rowland sings, "Let's get creative" in her latest single, 'Down for Whatever'-- and some are arguing that the video's director should take her advice. Rowland's video for the track bears striking similarities to last year's 'Believer' by the Freemasons featuring Wynter Gordon.

Director Sarah Chatfield was at the helm for both videos, so it's hard to place the blame squarely on Rowland. This isn't the first time Rowland or Chatfield have come under scrutiny for recycling concepts. Chatfield also directed Rowland's supersexy 'Lay It On Me' video, which bears a few similar shots to Chatfield's video for Livvi Franc's 'Now I'm That Bitch.'

Fans aren't the only ones to recognize the resemblance. Wynter Gordon tweeted, "All (plural) the copying machines of the world are only getting pieces of my past. ...I'm gonna keep being myself." When a fan asked if Gordon was directing her tweet at Rowland, however, Gordon was quick to clarify the meaning. "I didn't accuse anyone," Gordon tweeted. "Believer vid wasn't my concept, but the director's; I know it's not Kelly. Those borrowing from me know who they are. It sure ain't Kelly. I'm rooting for her."

Sounds like Sarah Chatfield has some explaining to do! While the reused images are certainly stunning, she easily could have put a newer twist on them. It's taken Kelly Rowland long enough to escape Beyonce's shadow, so a controversy like this is probably the last thing she wants to get involved in -- especially if she doesn't deserve it! Check out both videos below and let us know what you think.

Watch Kelly Rowland's 'Down for Whatever' Video

Watch the Freemasons 'Believer' Video Feat. Wynter Gordon