UPDATE: Kendall Schmidt won Round 1 and has moved on to the semi-finals. Vote for him here!

Kendall Schmidt and Nick Jonas are battling it out for the title of PopCrush Prom King of 2014! Can you imagine going to high school with both of these musically talented hotties? Well, that's exactly what we want you to picture when voting for our annual Prom King and Queen competition. Which swoon-worthy cutie has your vote?

Rushers, you proudly support Kendall Schmidt in anything -- and everything! -- that he does, whether it's with Big Time Rush or Heffron Drive. So, of course, there's no question that Kendall would have your vote for Prom King -- and for good reason: Not only is he pretty blessed in the looks department, he's also an extremely talented singer and songwriter, working hard with both of his bands. His dancing ability would serve him well on the dance floor, and who knows, maybe he'd even request 112's 'Peaches and Cream,' which he revealed to PopCrush was his teenage makeout track.

The Jonas Brothers may have broken up, but Nick Jonas is still as prominent as ever, working with his good pal (and fellow PopCrush Prom King and Queen nominee) Demi Lovato as the Creative and Music Director of her Neon Lights Tour, while also working hard on his solo career. You know how prom kings are typically jacks-of-all-trades, starring as the football quarterback while also being student body president and VP of the art club? Nick Jonas is just like that, only in the music industry.

Which male pop star is most deserving to win the title of PopCrush Prom King? You can vote for Kendall Schmidt or Nick Jonas once per hour until the poll closes on Tuesday, May 13 at 12 PM ET. The winner of this round will move on to compete against a new pop music hottie in Round 2.