There are strange pairings and then there are really strange pairings. Pop starlet Kesha and old-school shock rocker Alice Cooper are headed for a reprise, this time on record. The duo sing together on a song called 'What Baby Wants,' a track that will be featured on 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare,' the sequel to Cooper's 1975 classic 'Welcome to My Nightmare.'

'Welcome to My Nightmare' actually came out 12 years before Kesha was even born, so she's trafficking in another era with this partnership. Good for her.

Kesha has made mention of the fact that she wants her next musical effort to go in a more "rock" direction. Therefore, spending time with a rock 'n roll legend and game changer like Alice Cooper certainly ups the rock quotient for Kesha and doses her music with some new cred. Maybe Coop will return the favor and sing on Kesha's next platter. It's only fair for him to pay her back, right?

Astute Kesha fans will recall that Cooper and the 'Tik Tok' singer teamed up onsatge in Oslo, Norway earlier this summer for a stunning rendition of Cooper's iconic anthem 'School's Out.' Kesha and Cooper also hit the stage together in her native Nashville back in 2010. Maybe Kesha has a daddy complex or a thing for older men ... Or maybe she just really digs Alice Cooper.

'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' is out in September.

Watch Kesha and Alice Cooper Perform 'School's Out'