Kesha is finally coming clean -- well, sort of. The pop star lent her celebrity to 'Conan' in a new spoof that investigates the 'Blow' singer's use of Auto-Tune.

The mock news clip is set up to expose the singer's "real voice,' which comes out as a deep, husky tone. "Yeah, I use a little bit of Auto-Tune," she says. "Who doesn't?"

The hilarious bit compares a Kesha performance "with Auto-Tune" to one without the technology, showing the difference it makes.

But it's not always a walk in the park, the singer admits. "It's not easy. People expect a certain thing," she adds, revealing that she has to "hire a voice double to crouch behind me and talk for me when I do interviews."

As for her decision to come clean, Kesha says that she wants people to know that it's still her art. "Because my voice is my voice," she says. "No matter what it sounds like after Auto-Tune, it's coming from me. And everybody uses Auto-Tune -- Pavarotti, Bob Dylan, The Beatles ... they all did it. I'm just pushing the envelope."

Watch Kesha Talk About Using Auto-Tune on 'Conan'