B.o.B joins Kesha on a remix of the glitter-loving pop singer's latest single 'Blow,' the smash hit from her 'Cannibal' EP.

Bobby Ray opens the track with a minute-long rhyme that starts out almost a cappella before the familiar groove of the Kesha song slowly appears. He raps:

"Just walked in, shades on my face / Eyes on my kicks, lights in my face / Speakers gon' blow, speakers got bass / Bottles on ice, haters gon' hate / Bobby don't care, Bobby so straight / Bobby from the hood so Bobby don't play."

Picking up on the song's party theme, B.o.B adds, "Night starts out at the ATM / It probably won't end til 8 am." Kesha pops in to declare, "We are taking over," and the song proceeds from there as you're used to hearing it on the radio.

The main problem with the remix is that it's not much of a remix at all. Like many "remixes" we've heard lately, it's just the original song with a new rap verse slapped on the front of it.

Perhaps we're too hung up on semantics, but the term "remix" makes us imagine all the ways the song could be creatively re-arranged. And a fun song like 'Blow,' with its brash lyrics and skittering beat, holds endless remix possibilities. But this version doesn't substantially improve the original.

'Blow' has reached No. 7 so far, extending Kesha's streak of consecutive Top 10 hits. All six of her official singles have reached that milestone.

Listen to Kesha, 'Blow' Remix Feat. B.o.B