Kesha is racking up magazine covers as she promotes her upcoming album 'Warrior,' which drops next month.

The singer, who isn't afraid to get down and dirty, just covered VIBE in black lace and she's totally changed up her look for the Billboard cover page -- she offers a completely different, much softer style for the music industry trade publication. But make no mistake. While Kesha may look sweet and pretty, there's a sharp edge to the art direction of this photo shoot, and it's voodoo!

Here, Kesha is draped in a sheer, white sheath with a frilly, ruffled bodice, showing off quite a bit of leg, thanks to an up-to-there slit. She's a barefoot voodoo goddess, with a massive flower in her hair, surrounded by skulls, candles and other tools of the voodoo trade. The suggestion is that she is working voodoo magic on the pop charts with her crazy catchy single 'Die Young,' as the cover tag reads.

We dare you to crank 'Die Young' and not dance your face off. It's unbelievably catchy, giving Kesha yet another hot hit. Speaking of hot, she's also looking more smokin' than ever on her two latest covers.

We bow down to this pop music goddess.

Watch the Kesha 'Die Young' Lyric Video