Kesha is teaming up with the Human Rights Campaign in order to celebrate National Coming Out Day, which just happens to be today, Oct. 11. In order to spread this year's slogan for National Coming Out Day, which is "Coming Out for Equality," Kesha's self-empowering song 'We R Who We R'  has been paired up with the singer's love for animals to create a unisex T-shirt for the LGBT holiday.

The Kesha T-shirt is black with a graphic design in metallic purple. The artwork on the shirt is of a zebra, with the singer's name and the words 'We R Who We R' displayed in the corner of the tee. Although most of her fans know that Kesha loves animals of all shapes and sizes, you might be wondering why the Human Rights Campaign decided to include the zebra graphic.

"Much like a zebra doesn’t change its stripes, we hope people of all walks of life, LGBT and straight allies, celebrate themselves and their unique contribution to the fight for equality," said HRC president Joe Solmonese. The HRC also explained that 'We R Who We R' carries an important message about "self-expression and unique identity," making it the perfect fit for Coming Out Day.

The Kesha T-shirt is actually part of the HRC's Musicians for Equality campaign. Musicians for Equality is a "collaborative project ... Which celebrates musical artists' contributions to the fight for LGBT equality and universal acceptance ... From straight allies offering messages of hope to openly LGBT artists sharing their personal experiences, each musician has made a commitment to achieving equal rights for all."

If you want a Kesha tee, be sure to get to a HRC store near you (located in Provincetown, Mass., San Francisco, Calif. and Washington, D.C) or to log on to as soon as possible. Only 1,000 T-shirts have been produced, so they are sure to sell out quickly. Each shirt is retailing for $35, with all proceeds going to the HRC and their quest for LGBT equality.