Kesha recently collaboratedwith the Flaming Lips on their latest album, and they reciprocated in kind with Wayne Coyne's feature on 'Past Lives,' from Kesha's 'Warrior' Deluxe Edition.

Those sessions turned out so well that the band is recording an entire album with the Cannibal Queen, undoubtedly producing studio mayhem and musical magic.

In a Reddit AMA chat, Coyne revealed their plans -- along with a tongue-in-cheek (or, er, tongue-in-lips?) working title.

"She is a blast on all levels," Coyne gushed of K-Dollar Sign. "She's funny, she's humble. She's bada--. She's everything. She's awesome. We're actually already working on an album with her. It's called 'Lip$ha.'"

Of course she's a blast -- she almost dropped acid with the band and gave them tattoos!

Kesha also gave the band her blood -- literally. So for the most important question: How glittery was it? "It's very glittery," Coyne said. "It came out of vagina that way. That's the truth." TMI, but good to know.

Listen to the Flaming Lips, '2012 (You Must Be Upgraded)' Feat. Kesha