Kesha gave fans a taste of her new, unreleased track 'Machine Gun Love' on her show, 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' -- and then she let them hear it live!

K-Dollar Sign encouraged fans to record her first performance of the song. "I just love it," she gushed of the track, "and I really want to know what you guys think. So if you wouldn't mind, can every person in here take out your phone, take out your camera, and hit record?"

The rollicking track is a pop-rock crossover, similar in sound to 'Only Wanna Dance With You' and 'Dirty Love' from 'Warrior' -- but the lyrics can be considered a callback to 'Your Love Is My Drug' from 'Animal' when she sasses, "I already told you my love is drug / Boy, you're about to OD." We bet her Animals will love this!