Kesha celebrated the inauguration of President Obama on Monday (Jan. 21) not by lip-syncing, but in style, donning a red pantsuit with blue stars and lettering spelling out her name and electric blue shoes, which she paired with a platinum white wig. It was Kesha's version of the red, white and blue, or patriot wear! She attended the RIAA inauguration celebration at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. Her attire sparked the question: Would you, Kesha, run for office?

Dubbing herself the "funnest president ever," which we wouldn't dispute, Kesha joked to The Hollywood Reporter that she'd run on a platform of "whiskey for all."

Drink up!

Joking that she'd kiss Obama if she met him, the pops diva did say that important campaign goals should be equal rights for everyone, especially the gay community and animals. Kesha is a vocal and ardent animal rights advocate, so she had to promote her personal platform when given the opp.

"Those are two things I feel very strongly about," the 'Die Young' singer said. "But especially him addressing equal rights today was moving for me. A lot of my friends and family are gay and lesbian, and it's an issue that's very close to my heart. A lot of my fans have to struggle with their own issues -- and so did I growing up -- and anything you can do to help people look at each other in a nonjudgmental way, I think it's a positive thing."

The singer acknowledged that being a celeb is a fluffy, frivolous job in general, but it does come with a perk and that's using one's fame for good. She said, “Being a celebrity is kind of silly, except for when you get to talk to lots of people about something that's dear to you. And in this case, it's equal rights."

The LGBT and animal communities have Kesha squarely in their corner. We also love how self-aware the dirty girl is. Yeah, she gets it.

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