When news broke that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality last Friday (June 26), Kesha was as excited as a lot of stars were. Maybe she was even more amped then some — she wanted everybody to commence marrying each other immediately (the pop star, included).

The next day, she crowdsourced Twitter with the question, "What's the best bar to celebrate #marriageequality tonight in Houston?" Someone must have told her the South Beach for Pride Houston celebration was the place to be — because she showed up and greeted revelers with a surprise performance.

"I am so f---cking excited for what happened today," Kesha Rose told the crowd. "I always said I'm not getting married until any two people in this country can get married. So who wants to marry me?" Judging by the volume of erupting cheers, the answer is "everyone."

The singer then launches into a very appropriate song, her 2010 hit "We R Who We R," performing some on-point armography with two of her backup dancers (space to move was at a premium, as you can see in the video above). Then she made it rain while wearing a weiner suit. No, not a hot dog suit, and not a banana suit— a penis suit, and it's probably one of the most moving public spectacles ever to involve a phallic polyester getup.

After the song, flanked by two human shields, Kesha danced around like a huuuge dick. Literally! You'll want your speakers turned DOWN for this one.

Lest you think Kesha is jumping on the LGBTQ-positive bandwagon, simply following in Miley Cyrus' footsteps, never forget that time in 2013 when she sent her backup dancers to troll anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church protesters who had recorded a homophobic Kesha song parody. You can relive that magic below.

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