Pop tart Kesha and rapper T-Pain have taken to Twitter to profess their, um, love for one another.

The unlikely pair has issued a bunch of teaser tweets (and mixed messages) over the past few days, along with a TwitPic of them nuzzling. Remember, another sassy blonde (Chelsea Handler) and rapper (50 Cent) tweeted photos of one another and posted coy, "are they or aren't they?" tweets about one another without ever confirming the nature of their relationship! (Handler later said they were seeing each other on a very casual level.)

Both Kesha and T-Pain performed at the Wango Tango KIIS show in LA last Saturday and then they got chummy in the digital space. On Sunday, the Auto-Tune loving (not to mention married) T-Pain tweeted "Last night I found out I'm in love wit @keshasuxx.”

Then he posted a follow up tweet with more info, writing "I'm not saying @keshasuxx and i had sex or anything I'm just sayin I love that 'f*** everybody else' attitude. She dresses how she wants she performs the way she wants, she does HER."

Kesha's response tweet was short but sweet on Sunday: "Um. F***ing love u @TPAIN. U get me. Come find me."

Then, on Monday, Pain wrote: "@keshasuxx said it's ok if I stalk her so I found out shes in Vegas. here I come lady. Bad news is the only flight from Sac to Vegas is on southwest airlines. ............ f--- it I'm still goin." We guess Southwest Airlines is not a preferred carrier for T-Pain?

Still with us?

Yesterday, which was Tuesday, T-Pain posted a pic of them and offered even more intimate info with this tweet: "Ladies and gentlemen I've upgraded from loyal stalker. Get ready for K-Pain."

The pic is either revealing, in-the-moment, staged, a publicity stunt or any combination of the four! Given the handful of dollar bills Kesha is clutching in the shot, we think she and T are just having a little bit of fun at the expense of pop culture watchers and fans. Maybe they are working on a new song or remix together?

Time will tell if K=Pain is or isn't anything.

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