Kesha is a much more prolific songwriter than she often gets credit for, but people are starting to take notice -- thanks to yet another leaked track. An unreleased song 'Vampire' has hit the Web, and it's probably going to become a fan favorite.

The song is heavy on synths and has an eerie feel. The lyrics compare a commitment phobic, booty calling guy with a Dracula descendant. First sex with a ghost on 'Supernatural,' now this!

"Didn't I hold you in my arms last night? / Didn't I open up my heart? / Where do you run before the dawn's first light? / Why do you come back after dark? / Lacey curtains flutter in the wind / When the room gets icy cold I know you're coming in / My heart pounds anticipating loving you again / When I feel your snow white fingers touching on my skin."

The song features Kesha singing, not rapping, which most of her fans wish she'd do more often. While there's a ton of production going on within the music, K-Dollar Sign's voice is free of AutoTune -- and she sounds fantastic. While it may not be immediately catchy enough to be a radio single, it's certainly a quality tune for her catalog -- and we think her Animals will sink their teeth right into it.

Listen to Kesha, 'Vampire'