Kesha is offering fans an up-close and personal look at her touring life in her six-part documentary series, directed by her brother Lagan Sebert, 'My Crazy Beautiful Life.' The premiere was chock full of glitter, beards and K$'s wild live show... so nothing really all that shocking.

We all know Kesha has a wild live show, but it was amazing to see how absolutely wiped she was after her performance in which she totally botched a cartwheel. She looked like she had just gone swimming in a neon colored pool of glitter and sweat after the concert, but that didn't stop her from celebrating with a party! After chugging a bottle of water, she looks up at the camera and says, "Let's go get drunk." Typical Kesha!

Kesha also stressed her love for beards on her foray to Scotland, where she and her friend went on facial hair hunt. In her interviews with the Scottish press she proclaims her affinity for native menfolk (especially their accents). When one journalist says that you can tell a real Scotsman by whether they're wearing underwear beneath their kilts (they shouldn't be), Kesha proclaims, "Really!? Lady boner. That's amazing."

Probably the most touching part of the show was Kesha bidding her mother adieu before she set out on tour. Her mom is very emotional as K$ is getting on her tour bus (just like all moms would be!) and the pop star tells her mom 'I love you' about a million times and that she will assuredly be back in a week. Even mothers of crazy famous pop singers get worried about their kids too, ya know!

We are seriously looking forward to next week's episode after this touching premiere!

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