The last time we watched something from Kid Cudi he turned into a vampire in the ghoulish video 'No One Believes Me.' Now the rocker-rapper kicks it up a notch in his new action-packed yet macabre new video for 'Mr. Rager.'

The clip, directed by Jeremie Rozan of Surface to Air Studio, takes a cinematic nod to Quentin Tarantino's flick 'Kill Bill' and its infamous fight scene in which the Bride uses her samurai sword-wielding skills to battle against the Crazy 88s. Unlike Tarantino's intense action scene, Cudi's fight sequence is slow and methodical as he connects his punches to the faces of thugs looking to bring the pain. Blood is spurting everywhere and bodies are being tossed like garbage bags.

Honestly, it's good carnal fun watching Cudi snap arms and bust heads with his bare hands. The video features a predictable ending as Cudi gets stabbed in the gut by a mysterious doppelgänger of himself who whispers, "Sleep" into his ears as he pushes the knife through his stomach. Yes, everything about this video is bizarre.

The rock group The Buggles once had a song called 'Video Killed the Radio Star.' In the case of Kid Cudi's gruesome visuals for 'Mr. Rager,' the video definitely killed the rap star. Let's just hope that Cudi hasn't lost his mind altogether and is capable of making more cool rap songs like 'Day 'n' Nite,' again.

Watch the Kid Cudi 'Mr Rager' Video