"This will be the first time I'm able to live, sleep and eat my career," she said. Kim Yarbrough has had a lot of jobs, including a stint at a potato chip factory and as a security detail for Dave Matthews Band -- but no career that she loved. That is, until she auditioned for 'The Voice.'

At 50, Yarbrough felt this may be her last chance to go for her goal. "When you tell people you think they're too old, you're depriving them of something," she said. "There's always room to grow and learn."

With her performance of 'Tell Me Something Good,' Yarbrough showed she can probably teach. With her voluptuous frame, voluminous curls and guttural voice, Yarbrough is, in sound and sight, a dead ringer for Chaka Khan.

Christina Aguilera teased her hand around the button, then pulled it back. Cee Lo Green danced in his seat. Adam Levine hit his button in the first chorus, then danced at his seat, followed immediately by Aguilera. Blake Shelton and Cee Lo stayed put.

As soon as Yarbrough stopped singing, Levine asked her name. When she replied, "Kim," he corrected her: "Your name is Chaka Khan, baby! That's what I wanted to see!" He recognized that he faced some steep competition from Aguilera. "This divalicious young lady over here wants you too," he said, "so we're going to fight over you like children."

He was almost right, but Xtina kept it cordial. "As soon as I heard that song," Aguilera said, "I knew you were a force to be reckoned with."

When Yarbough was deciding, Shelton offered to help. "Adam won this thing last year," Shelton told her. "Christina didn't." Tell us how you really feel, Blake! Whether it was his influence or her gut instinct, Yarbrough made her decision somewhat predictably. "I love all of you, thank you so much," Yarbrough said, "but I think I'm gonna go with Adam."

Watch Kim Yarbrough Perform 'Tell Me Something Good'