Adorable, pint-sized actress Kristin Chenoweth has gone on record to reveal a new health woe that affects her career in hopes of educating others.

The Broadway actress and former 'Glee' star suffers from adult asthma, something she has kept quiet about for the past decade. She experiences things like shortness of breath and wheezing if she gets too excited before a performance, so it does create problems for her.

"I actually was diagnosed 10 years ago as an adult with asthma," the singer and actress, 45, admitted to E!. "Those people who know me, and some of my fans, know that I have an inner ear problem and a neck problem too and I was just like, 'Do I dare talk about having asthma as well?'"

She decided that she needed to speak up about her daily dealings with the condition so that she can bring awareness to others. "I've re-thought it, and I was very honored to team up with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America," she said. One of her goals is to educate Americans about dose counter inhalers so that they never run out of their necessary medication.

Since singing is so related to taking breaths, Chenoweth has had to learn how to listen to and know her body to master it. She may be tiny, but she is a huge inspiration.