Lady Gaga continues to occupy the digital space in supreme fashion, as the pop star has notched 10 million Twitter followers. She is the first person to achieve this social media statistic, so congrats to Gaga on this digital accolade. Gaga passed Britney Spears as the person with the most Twitter followers earlier this year.

While Gaga rules the Twitter domain, she surprisingly does not hold the social media world's triple crown. After achieving 1 billion views, she was passed by fellow pop star Justin Bieber on YouTube. Rapper Eminem also sailed past Gaga as the person on Facebook with the most "likes." Em has more likes than any living or dead person; the late Michael Jackson previously held that title, so to speak. Em has 35,926,013 likes, while Gaga has 34,055,694 likes, as of press time.

Gaga happily tweeted about notching her 10 millionth follower, posting the following message: "10MillionMonsters! I'm speechless, we did it! Its an illness how I love you. Leaving London smiling."

We wonder how long it will take Gaga to get to 20 million followers. Knowing Gaga's penchant for living large and saying and doing things that people want to read about, that's probably on her bucket list of goals.

In other Gaga news, the singer will release the song 'Hair' from 'Born This Way' today; the meteor that is 'Born This Way' lands in exactly one week.

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