Lady Gaga's creative juices are flowing like a raging river that cannot and will not be stopped. Ma Monster revealed that she has penned around 50 songs for 'ARTPOP.'

Whoa, 50? That's a nice, round number, and can certainly help fill up the two volumes she suggested she would be releasing the album as.

She tweeted that she is not sure which songs will make the final cut, and but that it's the same process that she employed when crafting 'The Fame' and 'The Fame Monster.'

We'll put our faith in Gaga and trust that she knows what she's doing when it comes to making albums. She's never missed the mark, creatively speaking, and we don't expect that trend to shift as she begins to formulate and shape 'ARTPOP.'

Below is her tweet about 'ARTPOP.'

Is 'Cake' one of the 50? She already intimated that 'Lady Die' is not going to fit the album. We can only wonder who will survive and what will be left of 'em as she begins to assemble the final sequence.

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