The media blitz continues, as Lady Gaga has landed her third cover of Rolling Stone in just two years. That's what we call cultural iconography, when one of the music and entertainment business' most vaunted publications grants you three cover nods.

However, this cover, which lands on stands this Friday, is a stark contrast to her recent high fashion covers of magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, where she was cloaked in pricleess, daring couture.

This Rolling Stone cover features Gaga in a black leather bra, with her signature bow of hair sitting atop her head. Her long strawberry blonde locks -- they are almost pinkish -- tumble down her shoulders and her makeup consists of black winged eyeliner and blood red lipstick. Her complexion is porcelain and almost ghost-like and she is looking off to the side, deep in thought.

It's very portrait-like and it's the most simple and streamlined that we've seen the Mother Monster in quite some time, as her outfits and her makeup grow more exaggerated and extreme with every passing photo shoot, of which there are a lot. She looks quite beautiful -- fragile, almost -- and while we're not used to seeing the Mother Monster so subdued, she pulls it off and still shows some skin in this frame-worthy shot.

Gaga's previous Rolling Stone covers were also quite skin bearing. On the June 2009 "Hot List" cover, she wore magenta painted lips, frizzy hair and a strategically placed bubble dress and not much else. On last summer's double issue, she wore a military-style, helmet-like blond bob, red smeared lips, black panties and a bra whose cups looked like two (again) strategically placed items; this time, it was machine guns!

Clearly, Gaga likes to take her clothes off on her Rolling Stone covers and she even admitted to David Letterman last night that "if you take your clothes off, amazing things will happen." And she ain't even talking about stripping. Excerpts from the piece will be released tomorrow, with more details from PopCrush!

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