There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Lady Gaga has had an insane amount of success in a short amount of time. Her debut album catapulted her to stardom, and her follow-up cemented her place in the pop landscape. It wasn’t until her fourth album, ‘Artpop,’ that things began to slow down for Gaga, but her collaboration with Tony Bennett on the fantastic ‘Cheek to Cheek’ has inspired and rejuvenated the ‘Born This Way’ singer. And a natural part of that progression concerns Gaga’s songwriting.

According to an interview with Yahoo!, Lady Gaga considers herself first and foremost a songwriter, claiming she has written “90 percent” of her own songs. While she understands and appreciates that not all great performers are necessarily great songwriters, she believes that if you can’t do one it is imperative to be able to totally deliver on the other. She said: “If you’re not gonna write your own music, you better be able to blow. Because if you can’t blow, there’s no reason to do the job.”

She goes on to criticize singers who can’t really sing or write, saying: “…you think about artists that can’t really sing, that have songs written for them, and it’s like, well why are they artists? Why are companies paying money to promote them? Because they’re beautiful and look good on camera and are kinda-sorta singing along?” She went on: "It’s like karaoke for pretty girls. When you’re a singer-songwriter it doesn’t really matter if you’re beautiful. What matters is that you create a relationship with your fans, and they care what you have to say."

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Gaga? You can check out Lady Gaga's full interview with Yahoo! here and let us know what your thoughts are!

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