As much as American Horror Story has afforded Lady Gaga the chance to explore a twisted realm of make-believe (we're willing to bet bloody foursomes aren't part of her typical daily routine), it's also compelled her to look inwardly at her own self and craft.

In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer published today (October 9), Gaga said tapping into the show's dark tones has led to certain revelations about her music and career.

"I have actually found a place to put so much pain and anguish that I have nowhere to put," she said. "You can put it in your music but that’s not always what people want from me in my music. They want a sweet, delightful, ‘Just Dance’ kind of girl or they want ‘Bad Romance’ and that’s fine."

“I am happy to give people that, but maybe with my song ‘Dope’ or some of the things I did on Artpop, you saw a kind of dark side, wrapped up in colors," she continued. "But maybe that was not always what people want to see. They want to see the perfection. Here [on AHS], it’s the imperfection that is the win. So it’s very liberating."

And no matter where Gaga's next project takes her, she's ready to completely commit, thanks to the implicit support of AHS creator Ryan Murphy.

"I just thank Ryan over and over every day because I am happier now than I have ever been," she shared. "I wasn’t accepted as an actress when I was younger. I was too strange and quirky. Nobody really got it. They didn’t even know what kind of role would be right for me. My nose was too big and I was a brunette. ‘You will never play the ingénue, blah, blah, blah.’ And then Ryan was like, ‘Screw ’em all, you are a star!’"

Are you hoping for another big, "Bad Romance"-type anthem from Gaga next, or is the darker, "Dope"-leaning material more your taste? Read Gaga's full interview, and share your thoughts.

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