Lady Gaga won the Best Female Video VMA for 'Born This Way' at the 2011 VMAs, besting some pretty stiff competition that went by names like Adele and Beyonce.

She remained in drag as her alter ego Jo Calderone when she accepted the award. The jut-jawed Calderone said, "I am so happy to accept the award tonight because Gaga is not here." We noticed that he tends to emphasize the end syllables of his words with a throaty scream. But we get it. Jo Calderone likes to get his points across that way.

Calderone said that if Gaga were there, she would want him to thank her little monsters, so he did. He also mentioned that Gaga won the Best Video With a Message VMA earlier that night and he gave a shout out to all the fellow nominees and reminded the audience and the viewers at home that no matter what your orientation, you were born this way.

Gaga would have been proud of Jo Calderone's acceptance speech, which was littered with enough curses that it would have made a sailor blush. It's so obvious what she sees in this broody, smoldering rebel. She might want to clean him up a little, since his trousers are a little baggy and could use a tailor.

One thing worth noting: Gaga revealed that 'Born This Way' would be the title of her next album at last year's VMAs. She has come full circle.

Watch Lady Gaga Accept the Best Female Video Award