It's a straight up castle, yo!

A Lady Gaga fan site has leaked an image of what is reportedly the Born This Way Ball tour stage. It features an epic, massive castle. Think giant, historical doll house that you want to play and dance in with Gaga. It looks lifted from ancient lands and transported to the stage. It's also 100 percent Gaga. Would you expect anything less?

Gaga tweeted a shot of the stage design a few months back, but that was just a sketch. This is that image come to life and it's tangible.

It looks like something out of a fairytale and clearly, the Mother Monster is aiming to top all of her previous tour outings with this trek. This stage looks like something for another era and another world. That thing had to cost a couple million bucks to create, too.

Memo to Gaga from U.S.-based little monsters: When the hell is the BTWBT coming to North America? We are dying for a taste of this stage.

The trek kicks off on April 27 in South Korea, with a ban on anyone under the age of 18 attending.