British TV talk show host Alan Carr put Lady Gaga to work when she appeared on his gab fest last night (Nov. 20). Not only did Gaga submit to an interview -- this is the one where she admitted to peeing in trash cans backstage -- she also cooked Chicken Milanese as part of a skit called "Cooking With Gaga." She also closed the show by performing a breathtaking acoustic version of 'Marry the Night.' Of course she wore a different outfit for each segment. So it was a typical night with Gaga.

For the interview segment, Gaga wore a black hat and several strands of white pearls with a black outfit and sky high heels. Carr gave her a drink and asked her what she's like when she's drunk.

"I got very drunk last night and they called me 'Drunky Gaga.' It was quite embarrassing but there was no one there to watch and laugh. I put on a gown by myself in my hotel room and had a bunch of wine. Such is the life of a pop singer," the Mother Monster admitted.

She also spoke about her 'X Factor' performance, saying that producers let her do whatever she wanted with her off-with-her-head performance. She said, "'Marry the Night' is about marrying your obstacles and the challenges that you face to become great or to live your dreams, so I thought it would be a a funny metaphor to sing on 'X Factor' with my head cut off. The show must go on."

Gaga also said her next duet (she does very few of those) will be with Elton John. "I am already working on my next album," she admitted. No rest for her Ladyship.

For the cooking segment, that materialized when Gaga revealed that she loves to cook for her dad and her specialty dish is Chicken Milanese. So we got a 'Cooking With Gaga' segment. She joked that Carr was a crappy sous chef. With her mustard-yellow blazer, Gaga was more fun than Rachel Ray.

Gaga then performed 'Marry the Night' with massive hot pink bow in her hair. It was bigger than her head. She sat there, all Minnie Mouse style, playing piano, while surrounded by candles. She certainly created an ambiance with the simple set up. There was also a slight echo on her vocals.

There was no dancers and no dancing. It was all Gaga, her piano and her big pink bow.

Watch Lady Gaga Cook Chicken and Perform 'Marry the Night'