It looks like Lady Gaga has taken a serious liking to Beyonce's new baby bangs, as the 'Bad Romance' singer was recently spotted sporting a nearly identical haircut! People recently reported the frenzied Twitter reaction Beyonce received after initially debuting her new baby bangs, and we can't help but wonder how fans will react to this news.

While the cuts are somewhat similar, Gaga's definitely isn't a carbon copy. Beyonce went for a softer, more 50s pinup inspired look, whereas Gaga's bangs are a bit rougher, with jagged, uneven lines.

Both singers have a tendency to change up their looks pretty often, so whether it was intentional or not -- if it was we like to think Gaga was merely paying homage to Beyonce's luscious locks -- we know they won't stay twins for too long.

After checking out the photo above, tell us what you guys think -- did Lady Gaga knowingly copy Beyonce's look or is it just a crazy coincidence?

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