Lady Gaga's foray into R&B with R. Kelly is in a song loaded with double meaning, one that we're breaking down right here and right now.

The lyrics address dealing with the media, advanced through a sexual metaphor.

"I feel good, I walk alone / But then I trip upon myself and I fall / I, I stand up, and then I'm okay / But then you print that s--t / That makes me want to scream."

Gaga has said that the song is about the strength of the mind superseding that of the body. So on one level, it's about the media's words being like a whip to the flesh. They attack the body, but the flesh is temporary and the gossipers and critics cannot penetrate – ahem! -- her mind. It's as though the media gets off – ahem, again! -- on knocking her down a peg. Gaga is walking tall and confident; then she gets trashed by the media with their cruel words and inaccuracies.

"So do what you want / What you want with my body / Do what you want / Don't stop, let's party."

No, it's not about having wild and crazy sex. No matter what "they" say, she'll keep having her party, her good time and her life. Words won't stop her.

"Early morning, longer nights / Tom Ford, private flights / Crazy schedule, fast life / I wouldn't trade it in / 'Cause it's our life..."

So while the media assessments are impossible to drown out, she is accepting it as an occupational hazard. She lives the glamorous, luxe life and the tradeoff is the media nonsense. She'll take it, since it means she's also wrapped in Tom Ford clothing and jet-setting.

"You can't have my heart / And you won't use my mind but / Do what you want (with my body)."

We (and she) can't deny that there is a carnal element of the song that makes us think SEX!

"Sometimes I'm scared I suppose / If you ever let me go / I would fall apart / If you break my heart / So just take my body / And don't stop the party."

There's a lyrical shift here. Gaga furthers the sexual and relationship metaphor. You can take it at face value if you want and think it's about a relationship that is purely physical and carnal. But, the deeper meaning is that while Gaga might hate the gossip and tabloid media, she accepts it. She also accepts the broken hearts that may come along if it means that the fame party continues. It's a small price to pay for her.

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