Not much concrete or confirmed info is known about Lady Gaga's forthcoming new album other than it's called 'ARTPOP' and that it may include a song called 'Princess Die.' Oh, and it'll lack the maturity that defined 'Born This Way.' So we do know some stuff.

However, Gaga and her makeup artist Tara Savelo, with whom she exchanges plenty of BFF tweets, had a little engagement on Twitter about the record and the songs, which Savelo claims are influenced by the green stuff. Gaga herself then shared that drugs and Disney princesses are the key inspiration for the album, facetiously of course.

So no smack and Snow White? No cocaine and Cinderella? Not even. Gaga stays away from the hard stuff nowadays.

Gaga was, however, snapped smoking pot in Los Angeles earlier this summer, so it'd be no surprise if that influence crept into her music in some, way, shape or form. We're not suggesting her music will sound "baked" but it may have some quirky inspiration.

Savelo referenced Gaga's new Louis Vuitton brown locks, and Gaga then offered her reply about what is really inspiring her to make 'ARTPOP.'

Below is Savelo's tweet and then Gaga's hilarious response. Only she could make that work.

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