Good news little monsters. Lady Gaga will be releasing a sixth single from 'Born This Way' and it appears that she, her team and her handlers have selected 'Heavy Metal Lover' as the next focus track.

Can you believe that Gaga's already pumped out six singles? 'BTW' hasn't even been out a year yet and she's already cycled through a half-dozen hits. The news was reported by a French music site, unearthed by Oh No They Didn't!

'Heavy Metal Lover' is one of the most synth heavy tunes on the record, with Gaga delivering her lyrics in a robotic tone over a cornucopia of beats. It's quite a dance-oriented banger, and is more reminiscent of tracks on 'The Fame.' Club hoppers, you ready? Gaga is about to invade those dancefloors with 'Heavy Metal Lover.'

Also, we recently reported a rumor that was floating around, suggesting that Gaga would both open and close the Grammys, despite no official confirmation from the people planning the show, pulling triggers and making decisions. Fast forward a few days and still no announcement regarding Gaga's participation. Now, ONTD! claims Gaga is set to open the 54th annual Grammys on Feb. 12.

Given last's year egg entrance on the red carpet, Gaga will have to come up with something big and bold to top herself. If anyone's up for that challenge, it's Ma Monster.