Lady Gaga almost got a busy signal when she tried to enter her 'Telephone' duet partner Beyonce's dressing room at the 2011 VMAs last weekend. But it wasn't a snub courtesy of the newly pregnant Bey! Since Gaga was dressed as her alter ego Jo Calderone and didn't want to break character, she was not as easily recognizable to security.

Us Weekly reports that a security guard denied Gaga entry into the dressing room at first. An eyewitness told the tab  that Gaga was blocked from access to Beyonce because "the security guards thought she was a guy at first and wouldn't let her back! It was really funny."

However, Gaga was eventually permitted to enter Bey's dressing room, which was connected to that of her husband Jay-Z. At that point, Gaga (well, Jo) was able to share Beyonce's joy at being preggers and finally being able to announce it to the world. She's already playing the part of Aunt Gaga, as the source also revealed that the Mother Monster "kept coming over to rub Beyonce's belly and say hello."

How adorable!