In this new tour video, Lady Gaga traipses the globe, catching up on her gossip by reading Star magazine while on a plane with members of her team. The grainy, Super 8-style clip is set to another demo song that Ma Monster appears to have recorded with DJ White Shadow. No cake like Lady Gaga here, though. This is actually a version of her killed Kendrick Lamar collabo.

She sings, ever so sweetly, "B-----, don't kill my vibe," which is recognizable, since there is song titled 'B---- Don't Kill My Vibe' on Lamar's debut album 'good kid, m.A.A.d city,' on which Gaga was slated to appear. That song was removed from his album due to artistic differences and Gaga's refusal to cave.

This version of the song is labeled as the DJWS Vision Number 2, and on it, she sings about being a sinner while asking for the Lord's forgiveness, even though she know she will sin again. We have no idea if this track will be eventually make it on one of the two planned volumes of 'ARTPOP' or if it's just a teaser or a treat for little monsters. Gaga did say that her Lamar track would eventually see the light of day. Perhaps this is how?

Overall, Gaga adds her distinct pop vocal element to this urban jam.

The video footage was taken recently in Rio and Colombia, as the singer has been on tour on Born This Way Ball. There's some killer aerial footage of monsters congregated below, which is contrasted with the oceanside view from her hotel balcony.

It's good to be Gaga. B----, don't kill her vibe.

Watch the Lady Gaga Tour Video

DJWS vision number 2 from paul blair on Vimeo.