Another day, another Lady Gaga fashion short film involving beautiful clothing! Hot on the twelve-inch heels of her Thierry Mugler fashion film, Gaga and Nicola Formichetti unveiled 'The Masterpiece,' which Formichetti, who is Haus of Gaga's stylist, created for the MAC Viva Glam campaign of which Gaga is a spokeswoman.

The actual 'Masterpiece' referred to in the title is the dress that Gaga wears, which was created from the images that were submitted by fans.

In the short film, Gaga is wrapped in a nude, blush colored sheath and teeters on dangerously high, heel-less platforms. We still are trying to understand the science of how she balances on those. Her eyes are smoked out (in MAC products, of course) and she looks like a human sculpture or work of art. Music thumps in the background and then she morphs into fairy dust.

The film was essentially designed by the little monsters, as Gaga called on both her fans and MAC devotees to contribute self-portraits and share information about the plight of those with HIV/AIDS, which Viva Glam supports with the MAC Aids Fund. The result was a magical and global fashion collab!

As part of the film, fans were encouraged to remind their friends to "live with passion and love with protection" across their personal social networks. Formichetti combed through the submissions from the thousands of people who participated and therefore, the dress and the film were truly collaborative, and inspired by the fans.

In February 2011, Gaga set the goal of raising $250 million for the MAC AIDS Fund by the XIX International AIDS conference in July 2012. She's got a way to go, but there is still plenty of time. So pick up a Viva Glam lipstick or lip glass, on the quick! The shades are flattering to all skin tones, so stock up.

Gaga's stint as a Viva Glam spokeswoman is about to wind down but she is still urging fans to help her reach her lofty goal. She said, "The MAC AIDS Fund has raised $224 million to date. Go out and buy a lipstick for your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your mom or your sister -- $26 million to go, little monsters!"

We're also thinking that Gaga's Mugler and MAC fashion films are the reason we've yet to enjoy the fourth and fifth installments of the Haus of U 'You & I' alternate fashion videos. It's been about a month since the third debuted and perhaps she doesn't want all her fashion films to cannibalize one another.

Watch Lady Gaga in the 'The Masterpiece' Short Film