While some fans may not be feeling No Doubt’s new dancehall-influenced single ‘Settle Down,’ which dropped on Monday, they have a huge fan in Lady Gaga. A few weeks ago, Gaga tweeted her excitement about the band’s return to making music after a decade-long hiatus. Now, Gaga has tweeted her love for the song, insisting that it’s not a plug for Interscope, the label both the Mother Monster and No Doubt are signed to.

Ma Monster and No Doubt frontlady Gwen Stefani have so much in common, so we can understand why Gaga would gravitate to the song so magnetically. Both are fearless fashionistas. They are both platinum blondes. And both have Italian roots. We love that Gaga is feeling the song, since we are too. Her feelings towards the tune are so strong that she even declared that anyone who disagrees is wrong. You tell 'em, Gaga.

While some of our readers commented that the song is “banal” and “mediocre,” we can’t shake it from our heads. Neither can Gaga, and she knows a thing or two or a several million about good pop songs. So if you've dismissed the song, give it another listen.

See Gaga's tweet below. Then get in line and settle down!


Watch the No Doubt 'Settle Down' Video