The specials this week at Joanne Trattoria, a New York City restaurant owned by Lady Gaga's father, Joe Germanotta? A traditional spaghetti and meatball dinner, herb roasted chicken and marriaaaaaaaaaaaage!

This morning (November 30), Lady Gaga shared a video of YouTubing duo WhenSheMetShe (better known as Alexis and Erin) announcing their engagement. The couple's clip chronicles the night from start to finish, and the fact that Alexis proposed to Erin at Joanne, the site of their very first date, is only icing on what would later become very significant cake.

Above, Alexis recalls tricking Erin into dressing nicely for the meal under the guise that they'd both head to the ballet after meeting for dinner. Then, Alexis sent a text that said she'd be late, and asked Erin to put in an order of red velvet cake. Annoyed and confused, Erin nevertheless obliged—then, out of nowhere, Alexis showed up with a cake that had her intentions literally spelled out in frosting.

"I went from extremely angry, to very confused, to uncontrollably happy," Erin recalls in the segment, which is interspersed with real footage from the ask. "I've never felt that many emotions in a matter of 60 seconds."

Among the emotions? Shock, which Alexis said had her momentarily convinced that Erin might say no — so she elaborated on the dessert's request.

"I grab her hands, I fumble through my sentences and at the end, I just say 'Will you marry me?' and luckily for me, there was no hesitation, I didn't have to wait a second," Alexis remembers. "She said 'Of course I'll marry you!'"

Grab the tissues and watch it all unfold above!

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