Little monsters are concerned about every aspect of Lady Gaga's life, including her sex life. So much so that one fan gifted Ma Monster with a multiple pronged sex toy while she was onstage in Brisbane, Australia on June 16. Notice she is decked out in dominatrix gear while playing with her new toy.

"Are you telling me I'm not getting enough action?" Gaga joked with the crowd. She's actually totally getting action, since reuniting with BF Taylor Kinney, who even visited her Down Under. She continued, "Was this moral support? It's fun for boys too. That looks expensive." Equally opportunity play, right? She is clearly having a good time with the gift.

While Gaga was appreciative of the gift, she laid to rest any rumors that she's not gettin' any, saying,
"Thank you very much for worrying about my sex life, but I will assure you that all is well!"

She tossed to the toy back into the crowd. As she said, she doesn't need any help in that department. However, it was a fun few moments at a Born This Way Ball tour date, thanks to a little adult toy. Naughty, naughty!

It was actually like Christmas in June, with Gaga opening another gift -- a Barbie, which she calls a "little b----!" and whose head she removed -- onstage. She even read the "thank you" note that came with one of her gifts.

Watch Lady Gaga Receive Sex Toy Onstage