Lady Gaga has done something drastic and shaved the back of her head. What, did Miley Cyrus set off a trend?

Since the Mother Monster often wears wigs, there is no telling how short or long her real hair is. What we do know is that the back of her head is shaved down to the scalp. It looks as thought she has piled her hair onto the top of her head in the image, which she shared on Twitter and her site. But you can't really tell from this photo. She's keeping us guessing...

Perhaps she got Skrillex hair. Maybe she donated some of her strands to Locks of Love, which creates wigs for people who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. One thing is for sure: She didn't pull a Britney and shave her head in front of the paparazzi in a public spectacle or meltdown.

After a few days of looking like a princess in London, she's now rocking an edgy, rebellious look.

Gaga shared the photo and tweeted: "I did it for u Terry. I'm sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high." She is referencing her good friend and photographer Terry Richardson. His mother passed away yesterday (Sept. 11) and he posted photos on his site.

In other Gaga news, BMI, a publishing rights society, posted a song title, quickly unearthed by little monsters. It's "legally" called 'Candy Art' and the writing credit is attributed to Stefani Germanotta. So it could be an 'ARTPOP' song. The also reports that two other song titles, 'Cold Hearted B----' and 'CRWTH,' have been officially listed with BMI.

Also, a little monster tweeted that Gaga told him backstage at a show that her Azealia Banks song is called 'Ratchet.' So much Gaga, so little time! 'ARTPOP' will soon be upon us. And what do you guys think of Gaga's hair?

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