The 2012 Grammy Awards were relatively quiet and Gaga-free. Lady Gaga didn't perform, nor did she win any of the four awards for which she was nominated. But she still had time for a kiss.

First off, let us say that we wished Gaga would have gotten on stage to do her thing, but alas, we were not obliged. She did attend the ceremony, dressed in a black latex outfit with heavy gold hardware and a fishnet-style veil obscuring her face. The camera did pan to the singer in her seat during the crowd a few times, but that was it. However, Gaga still managed to make headlines when she planted a big ol' smooch on the one and only Paul McCartney at the ceremony. The recently remarried ex-Beatle looks thrilled to be the recipient of smooch from such famous lips, doesn't he?

Gaga really likes to dole out kisses to distinguished older gentlemen at major public events. Gaga pushed the button to drop the ball on 2012 in Times Square this New Year's Eve so she shared a kiss with Mayor Michael Bloomberg as the clock struck midnight.

While Gaga and Bloomberg shared a kiss on the lips, Gaga kissed McCartney on the cheek. What a sweet gesture. Duet anyone?