Lady Gaga appears to be making a killing on her forthcoming May 17 show in Taipei, which is located in Taiwan. Lower-priced tickets went on the market, leaving fans scrambling to nab whatever they could. Tickets priced at the U.S. equivalent of $61 sold out very quickly. Essentially, business is good for Gaga as she embarks on the first leg of her Born This Way Ball tour.

The most expensive seats for the show cost over $400 in U.S. bills, which breaks a record set by rock band the Eagles last year, according to a local Taiwanese paper. That's quite a feat for Gaga, since she is a neophyte compared to those rock legends.

Gaga's gig will take place at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall. Tons and tons of Taiwanese little monsters will be on hand to hang out in the Monster Pit, a new convention the she added for this tour and tweeted about.

The Mother Monster is busy rehearsing for tour, tweeting that her "a-- is kicked from dancing." While Gaga's body might be suffering, it's all for the greater good of entertaining her fans, which she considers the No. 1 priority in her life. In that same tweet, she also shared that she engaged in some some post-rehearsal yoga, which is certainly good for the body after a brutal workout that comes with practicing routines for a major tour that thousands of people are paying good money to see.