Lady Gaga brought a massive dose of 'Glory' to tonight's 'American Idol' season finale, performing her new single, 'The Edge of Glory.' The song's lyrical message certainly applies to both finalists Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina.

While the likes of Beyonce, Tom Jones, Tony Bennett and Jennifer Lopez took the stage tonight, it was Gaga who stole the show. She sang the initial verse perched atop a makeshift mountain while wearing a serious headdress that looked like a chandelier for her head. Gaga's got a passion for haberdashery-style couture and elaborate headgear.

When she soared into the song's verse, using her deeper register to sing, "I'm on the edge of glory with you," the head piece came off and so did any other remnants of clothing. Her now-signature black bra, panties and boots were her sole costume (it was a one song performance, who has time for a wardrobe change?) and she cavorted with a well-abbed dancer, who could have been another accessory.

What was most striking about Gaga's 'Idol' performance -- and yes, every Gaga performance is attention arresting in one form or another -- was that despite all the visual accoutrements and her outrageous styling, it was her voice that kept us glued to the TV for the entire song. Gaga's got a voice that's anything but thin and that's most evident in her live shows.

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are on the edge of glory right now, but for a handful of minutes, the spotlight was off the 'Idols' and placed squarely on Gaga.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'The Edge of Glory' on 'American Idol'