The magic number for Lady Gaga is 12 million. The Mother Monster has become the first person on Twitter to gain 12 million followers.

Congrats to Gaga on having a lot of people paying attention to her 140-character-or-less updates. This news should certainly soothe the digital pain that may have come from being passed by Rihanna on Facebook a few weeks back. RiRi cruised passed Gaga, becoming the female on the social networking site with the most fans, leaving Gaga to eat her dust. However, Rihanna pales in comparison to Gaga's Twitter dominance -- she is absolutely dwarved by Gaga in the Twitter-verse, with only 6,497,199 followers.

Gaga's recent weekend tweet to her 12 million followers? Her hang sesh with singer Tony Bennett.
She posted: "Hangin out with my buddy Tony having a whiskey. Feel like such a tramp."

Gaga even included a photo of herself and the crooner. How old fashioned and charming of her, right? We love the blue bob she's wearing while she plants a big fat smooch on Bennett's cheek. He had to be blushing after this photo was taken.

Don't you just love how Gaga crosses the generation gap, appealing to people like Tony Bennett and Elton John as easily as she does to the youth of today? That universal appeal is probably why Gaga has 12 million people following her tweets.

If you don't yet follow Gaga on Twitter, you should. She always has something interesting to say and worth reading or retweeting.

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