Lady Gaga's 'Venus' is an interplanetary dancefloor banger where she pays homage to the goddess of love and more. Gaga begs, "Goddess of love / Take me to your leader." Meanwhile, the beats command you to get your butt out there and just, well, dance.

The electropop song celebrates the carnal and the pleasures of the flesh, while the main hook and chorus, when she sings "Take me to your planet," sound incredibly influenced by Michael Jackson ... but run through a Gaga filter.

She may be singing about the universe, but it's not ethereal. The song has a lot of moving parts and a lot going on, but it's all about making you dance. Gaga and her producers make effective use of all the tools available to them, as the song is supremely synthed out.

Mommy Monster spouts off the names of the planets and when she gets to Uranus, the unfortunately monikered planet that has been the butt -- no pun intended -- of many a joke, Gaga sings, "Don't you know my ass is famous?"

Oh, it sure is. She injects a little humor into the song with that lyrical declaration.

The track has more in common with 'The Fame' than with 'Born This Way,' which most of the 'ARTPOP' songs we've heard so far do, and it's more straightforwardly, dancefloor Gaga, with her typical sonic drama and lyrical enunciation. It's sweat-soaked and explosive, and by no means is she taking a step back by incorporating a sound more familiar to an earlier album. It's "vintage" Gaga, if you will.

Gaga released three different single covers for the track. The one posted above is the least NSFW of the three. See the others here.

Listen to Lady Gaga 'Venus'