Lana Del Rey has her hands in everything. Since the release of 'Born to Die,' the 'Blue Jeans' singer has made it in TV commercials, and is even inspiring handbags! Her newest endeavor is a feature on Bobby Womack’s ‘Dayglo Reflection.’ Being rather new to the music scene (Lana just released her debut album earlier this year), we think that is a pretty cool notch on her belt.

Lana’s sultry and luring voice adds a totally unique feel to the soulful tune, which appears on Bobby’s new album ‘The Bravest Man in the Universe.' The record was produced in West London's Studio 13, and will be released in the States on June 12. Coming in at around 1:25 on the track, Lana is the perfect Yin to Bobby’s Yang. The two make a surprisingly enduring duet on the track.

We totally see this song being one giant fan favorite of Lana and Bobby fans. According to an interview with the legendary soul man earlier this year, he explained, "She's one of a kind. I've never sun with a girl like that before." We definitely agree! He also recently discussed working with Lana, calling the experience like, "two people in a church."

'The Bravest Man in the Universe' is being released by XL Records and is Bobby's first album in 18 years. It seems that time has not slowed this musician down one bit. Having recently been diagnosed with colon cancer, and even more recently cleared of it, Bobby is more than ready to drop this album.

Listen to Bobby Womack, ‘Dayglo Reflection’ Feat.  Lana Del Rey