'Cola,' the Lana Del Rey song in which she sings, "My p---- tastes like Pepsi-Cola," is headed to radio. The singer revealed during an interview that 'Cola' will be the next single to promote her new EP 'Paradise.'

Del Rey wrote the intoxicating track with veteran pop producer Rick Nowels. She previously revealed the source of the unusual lyric, saying, "I have a Scottish boyfriend, and that’s just what he says!”

While she noted that her label wasn't totally onboard with it -- “They just thought it was really weird" -- she loves the track: "For me that song was so cool. The guys got to play electric guitars … the chorus opens up and has tropical undertones. For me, the vibe of it is so good, I love it.”

'Cola' is one of eight songs on the 'Paradise' EP, which hit stores earlier this week as the follow-up to her No. 2-charting album 'Born to Die,' released back in January.

As for Del Rey's favorite song on the record? "I really love 'Cola,' and I love 'Bel Air.' They both kind of have a heavy West Coast influence, but still really sultry like cinematic sweeping strings. But 'Bel Air' feels the most personal to me, and it’s the one that closes out the record."

Listen to Lana Del Rey, 'Cola'