A 'Saturday Night Live' performance can still make or break a career, and in 2012, the show is throwing its weight behind some risky, internet-famous performers. In the case of Lana Del Rey's appearance tonight (Jan. 14), it should pay off for both the show and the artist.

The 'Born to Die' singer's manufactured appearance and mega-rich daddy have already garnered her a gaggle of internet haters, but in a recent interview with MTV, she seems excited but not too worried about the performance. She also seems like (gasp!) a really regular, humble person.

"You know, you just hope it goes well and you don't f--- it up," Del Rey told MTV. We're with you, Lana. She also gave props to her backing band, saying they were "really good." We are so stoked.

'SNL' seems to be making younger, less-established artists their "thing" in 2012, as they'll be featuring Karmin next month. If Lana Del Rey's performance goes well, we have no doubt that every U.S. talk show will be clamoring to feature her smokey, damaged voice and classic look in advance of her anticipated album release date later this month.

Watch Lana Del Rey Talk About Her Upcoming 'SNL' Debut