Lauren Alaina and her family have an annual tradition that's super fun. They head to Daytona Beach every July for vacation. They've been doing it since this Georgia peach's mom was preggers with her! This year's trek was slightly delayed due to Alaina's post-'American Idol' tour schedule. That's a good reason enough to postpone a vacation!

Alaina's favorite activities to participate in while in the DB? A boardwalk ride called the Slingshot. "Ever since I was a really young girl, I always wanted to ride it, it's kind of expensive and was never able to ride it, but this year I rode it like six times with my best friend Marie and with my mom," Alaina told FOX News.

"My dad and brother rode it together and it was awesome," she adds. "It's just a really cool place to go hang out. I sing karaoke there every year, so it was weird to go and watch the karaoke there, knowing that I grew up doing that. I just love it down there, it's the best place in the world."

She also likes to lounge by the pool and soak up the sun's rays. Alaina said, "That's my mom's favorite thing to do in the whole world, just lay by the pool all day and tan, because she has perfect skin to tan. Well, I actually tan really good too but I've been out of the sun for the past year so I didn't tan that great this year. I was burning and I don't usually burn, I was so mad!"

As a result, tanning lotion is one of the top three things she brings with her on vacay. Smart decision, since the sun can damage skin if you don't slather yourself with sunblock. In addition to some suntan lotion, Alaina also revealed that she brings her family (duh) and a copy of her debut 'Wildflower' on vacay. We love a little shameless self-promotion.

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