'American Idol' runner up Lauren Alaina seems so sweet and adorable. However, in a recent chat with Neon Limelight, Alaina was subjected to a bunch of random questions about things she has done in her life. We learned quite a few funny details about the 'Like My Mother Does' singer, including some of her dirty little secrets, one of which involves a mischievous use of saran wrap. Don't worry, though! Alaina's still a wholesome, good girl!

Here's what we learned. Do not piss off Lauren or her girlfriends! When asked about the wildest thing she ever did, the singer said, "I guess this one time, one of my friends had this ex boyfriend that made her really mad and we saran wrapped his car." Saran wrapping a car? How clever, ladies! It must have been a lot of "fun" for the ex-BF to have to untangle his car from that mess.

Also, the singer's "go to" dance move at a party is not a toe-tapping, two-step! It's the running man. Could you picture her doing that dance?

Alaina also offered up a bit of advice to future 'American Idol' hopefuls, saying, "Try to be funny and be confident! Just have a good time. Don’t be uptight. Be someone people can laugh at, you know what I mean?" If anyone would know, she would, so all potential 'Idol' contestants need to take heed of Alaina's advice.

Despite her fame and her talent, Alaina, like so many teens, has been a victim of bullying. She revealed how she dealt with the drama and the trauma, saying that she killed them with kindness.

She revealed, "There’s always gonna be someone you don’t get along with in school, so you just kinda have to steer clear of ‘em. I’m a pretty opinionated person and I speak my mind, so if someone does something to me I don’t like, I’m gonna tell ‘em. And sometimes when you tell somebody what they did wrong to you, they don’t know what to say because they know they did something wrong. So, I’m always the kind of person to say, 'You know, you really shouldn’t do that. It’s not nice.' It makes them feel stupid." That's a good tactic, Lauren!

Lauren Alaina's debut album 'Wildflower' is available now.