Lauren Alaina is going through a major teenage rite of passage today (Nov. 1) as she takes her driver's test in her hometown of Rossville, Ga. The driver's test should be a cake walk for Alaina, as the 'Georgia Peaches' singer repeatedly demonstrated that she is rock solid under pressure by performing every week on the 'American Idol' stage for four months. Hey Lauren, just remember to yield and give pedestrians the right of way.

Alaina had a sweet set of wheels before she even got her license, as she picked up a convertible Ford Mustang Shelby GT as a consolation prize for being the 'Idol' runner up, but she has hardly been behind the wheels of the coveted muscle car. She is taking her test with a much more practical and sensible vehicle: her mom's Kia!

"I am more nervous about it that than I was when I auditioned for ‘American Idol,’” Alaina told Taste of Country. "I am going to take my mom’s Kia [for the test]. I am not driving my Mustang!" That's probably a smart decision, since a 'Stang has considerable pick up and isn't the right car to test with!

Alaina also revealed that with the help of her parents, brother and best friend, she has put the requisite hours and necessary practice time in. So, in theory, she is ready to take, and hopefully pass, the big test.

Even so, she won't be cruising with the pedal to the metal in that Mustang any time soon either. She is swapping cars with mom, since she is not comfortable with the Mustang's manual transmission… yet! "It’s a $70,000 car and I’m 16. My mom and I are going to switch cars for a while," she said, hoping to get more practice time on a stick before taking over completely.

Log some more practice miles and then go enjoy that hot rod Mustang, Lauren! But first, pass that test. Good luck, girl!